Gate Valves

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    Designed for all applications

    Crown gate valves feature a full bore/thru-conduit design, in-line repairability, and protected long-life seats. Our gate valves can be equipped with single or double-acting hydraulic or pneumatic actuators with manual override and fail-safe closed or open systems.

    Our specialized and critical service gate valves are designed and manufactured through close consultation with customers to meet their application’s specific requirements and service type. This includes substituting our standard corrosion-resistant alloy SCR 6191 for solid Inconel™ type material and/or alloy-type clad gate valves for extremely severe and corrosive environments such as sour service, CO2, and water flood.

    Our high-temperature gate valves are designed for operating temperatures to 650°F (345°C), and are available in the full range of sizes and pressure ratings. Various options for service such as steam injection and heavy oil production are also available.

    Crown Gate Valves Design Types

    Solid Slab Gate

    This gate valve design is made for demanding applications such as high pressure, critical service, choke and kill manifolds, and as a safety shut-off valve operated by a hydraulic or pneumatic actuator. Its bidirectional design with a floating gate moves parallel to the seats and effects a tight seal under differential line pressure. The non-rising stem has a backseating feature that allows the stem bearings or packing to be replaced under pressure.

    Parallel Expanding Gate

    This unidirectional expanding gate valve gives an extraordinarily high mechanical seating seal force that acts simultaneously against both seats. The seating force is not affected by line pressure fluctuations or vibrations.

    Split Gate

    This bidirectional gate valve features a metal-to-metal seal between gates and seats, and seats to body. Sealing is enhanced by an auto-seal system in which internal body pressure transmits sealing compound from reservoirs in the seats to grooves around the seat bore, thus preventing leaks. The parallel non-wedging gates allow the stem to be left unstressed in either the open or closed position. Fully-skirted seats provide continuous protection of gate sealing surfaces. A backseating feature allows replacement of stem bearings or packing under pressure.

    Model AV Vented Body

    The Crown Model AV Gate Valve utilizes an expanding vented gate to provide a positive mechanical seal in which heat, pressure variations, and vibrations will not affect the seal. The valve is available for 2000 and 3000 psi working pressures in sizes from 2-1/16” to 4-1/16”.

    Crown Gate Valve Basic Specifications

    Gate Designs

    Body Designs

    Bore Sizes

    End Connections

    Temperature Range


    Specification Compliance

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