Research & Development

The Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. Research and Development department is a dedicated group of technical experts wholly focused on seeing our equipment—and customers— succeed in the harshest or most unconventional conditions.

By tapping their expertise and the testing capabilities available to them, you can rest assured the equipment you purchase has been thoroughly validated, with accurate data to back it up.

Utilizing sister company Dycor’s cutting-edge data acquisition and data-logging products, our three test bays feature enhanced automation capabilities to cut down on any “noise” and provide crystal clear results. Because when you or your personnel are in the field, there can’t be any doubt.

  • Three R&D specific test bays equipped with high-pressure hydro and gas pumps, computer controlled heating and cooling system, computer controlled rotary actuator, and high-speed data acquisition system
  • Automation ensures consistency and control over tests for more accurate analysis and data capture
  • Flexible testing capabilities cover all Stream-Flo products: wellheads, gate valves, actuation, surface safety systems (ESDs)
  • Two 3D printers for quick and cost-effective prototyping
  • CAD/CAM system utilized by engineering team when creating or modifying designs
  • Cutting-edge Dycor™ data acquisition and data-logging capabilities for advanced test data analyses
  • Temperature testing up to 650° F and -75°F
  • Pressure testing up to 22,500 psi
  • Load testing up to 1.5 million lbf
  • Testing beyond these standard parameters can be accommodated through custom design and build of the testing system
  • Seven in-house engineers solely dedicated to the R&D lab ensure high-quality, safe, and efficient testing is conducted at all times
  • Lab runs 16 hours per day but can be called upon for 24-hour testing as needed
  • Access to the wider Stream-Flo and Master Flo engineering teams for advanced design and consultation
  • Flow loop and hyperbaric chamber testing capabilities available through Master Flo’s R&D lab

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