Space & Time Saving Wellheads

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    Reducing time and costs

    Stream-Flo has implemented various improvements to drilling processes that include quicker connections through the use of flangeless connections to attach the blowout preventer (BOP) and subsequent wellhead sections.

    Additionally, the development of smaller wellhead profiles has allowed for smaller cellars and drilling pads. This reduces the amount of time and materials needed for construction, thereby decreasing costs.

    Low profiles for maximum space efficiency

    The use of low profile caps has also made it easier for rigs to move over to the next well on the pad. This not only saves time but also reduced the risks associated with working in confined spaces under suspended loads.

    These innovations have made the drilling process more efficient, cost-effective, and safer for all parties involved.

    Space & Time Saving Wellhead Solutions

    High Efficiency System

    The HE Wellhead System is designed specifically for the shale oil and gas market. This system is compact and utilizes a specialty wellhead connection, Stream-Flo’s proprietary RSC Connection, instead of a flanged connection to attach to the BOP and subsequent wellhead sections.

    MW4 & 49

    The MW4 Wellhead System is a two-stage compact wellhead that increases drilling efficiency and safety. The system is designed to reduce the stack-up height of the wellhead where space below the rig is limited, all equipment to be run in a similar fashion to conventional equipment, and reduce rig time while increasing safety by eliminating one complete nipple-up/nipple-down operation.

    Full Bore Design

    The FBD Multi-Bowl System is a step forward in drilling efficiency and safety. With the FBD 100 System the casing, casing hanger, pack-off bushing, tubing and tubing hanger can all be run through the BOP stack into a preassembled wellhead and tubing head. Since the BOP connection is never broken, time is saved and well control and safety is always maintained.

    Unitized / Multibowl Systems

    The UWS Multi-bowl Wellhead System is a two-stage compact wellhead that is designed to reduce stack-up height of the wellhead where space below the rig is limited. Allow equipment to be run similar to conventional wellhead equipment and reduce rig time by eliminating one complete BOP nipple-down/nipple-up. Also increases safety by reducing the number of potential leak paths.

    Twin Wellhead System

    Our twin wellhead system has two wellheads located side by side. This system offers several benefits such as space savings, increased efficiency, improved safety, cost savings, and flexibility. The compact design allows for simultaneous drilling and production operations, reducing the equipment required and resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, the system is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of well types and production requirements, making it a practical option for oil and gas operators.

    Offshore Platforms

    Compact offshore wellhead platforms offer several benefits over traditional offshore platforms. Firstly, they require less space, making them suitable for use in areas where space is limited, such as shallow water or near-shore locations. This can result in reduced costs for installation and maintenance. Additionally, their smaller size makes them easier to transport and install, enabling faster deployment and reducing the environmental impact of construction. Compact offshore wellhead platforms can also be designed with safety features such as emergency shutdown systems, which can reduce the risk of accidents and pollution.

    Have questions about space and time saving wellhead systems? Contact us today to get in touch.

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