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    We value the expertise and strength employees bring to our customers worldwide

    Stream-Flo strives to provide our employees with a comprehensive and competitive compensation programThe information below is in summary format and may be subject to changeEligibility and coverage may vary dependent upon work location. 

    Group Health Benefits Plan

    We provide employees with a comprehensive benefit plan to help offset the costs of health, dental and vision care, as well as other forms of healthcareThe plan also covers short and long-term disability, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, optional life insurance and optional critical illness insurance. 

    Profit Sharing Incentive Plan

    Designed to distribute a portion of company profit to our employees, Profit Sharing payments vary subject to company profitability. 

    Group Retirement Savings Plan

    A voluntary plan, with matching company contributions up to a maximum amount.

    Vacation Entitlement

    Employees start accruing vacation entitlement upon commencing employment and may utilize vacation time as they accrue it.

    Service Award Program

    We recognize the loyalty and contributions of employees who reach five year service milestones. Cash awards are presented with each 5 year milestone, with additional gift award options at 10 and 20 years of service.

    Employee Reward Program

    We place high value on recognizing and rewarding employees for a job well doneTo recognize and reinforce “role model” actions and behaviors, employees can be recommended for our reward program. 

    Group Home and Auto Insurance

    In certain locations we have partnered with insurance providers to offer employees the opportunity to obtain preferred home and auto insurance rates.

    Professional Development

    We support employee learning and development as an opportunity to acquire new skills and facilitate career progressionIn addition to company provided training, employees may decide to pursue training on their own initiativeEmployees may request educational assistance from the company. 

    Employee and Family Assistance Program

    In certain locations we offer employees and family members confidential third-party assistance when dealing with a variety of work, personal or family issues such as stress/anxiety at home or on the job, family problems, marriage/relationship issues, alcohol, drug or gambling abuse, loss of a loved one, psychological problems, etc.

    Scholarship Program

    Available to children of permanent employees who pursue an accredited post-secondary education. One Duncan McNeill Scholarship in the amount of $2,000/year is awarded annually and is subject to renewal in subsequent academic years.  Multiple President’s Award Scholarships in the amount of $1,000/year are awarded annually and are subject to renewal in subsequent academic years. 

    Health and Safety

    To support safety excellence we provide financial assistance towards the purchase of necessary health and safety clothing and protective equipment such as safety shoes, prescription safety glasses and customized hearing protection.

    Professional Memberships

    If an employee is required to be a member of a professional association or society in order to meet the requirements of his/her job, the company will consider paying for the membership fees required to maintain the employee’s status with the organization.

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