Our ESG Policy

The Stream-Flo Group of Companies is committed to incorporating sustainability as a core value within our organization

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policy

As a privately-owned and operated corporation, the Stream-Flo Group of Companies has the ability and commitment to deliver greater value by developing long-term partnerships with our stakeholders. We are committed to incorporating
sustainability as a core value within our organization.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Stream-Flo believes that financial performance— and responsibility for our environment, our employees, and the global communities we impact—are inextricably linked.

To progress towards our sustainability goals, the Stream-Flo Group is committed to:

  • minimizing the adverse environmental impact of our operations and our supply chain;
  • providing a safe and healthy working environment, learning opportunities and career growth for all our employees;
  • abiding by our Guiding Principles in all markets, so we can be confident in the knowledge that we compete against others solely on our merits;
  • striving to communicate to our employees and incorporating our environmental initiatives throughout our manufacturing process;
  • educating, developing and empowering our employees, and thus enabling them to identify and adopt best practices that will enhance sustainability, and;
  • maintaining our financial responsibility to our shareholders and employees while supporting our sustainability initiatives.

Our mission is to create thriving, enduring business practices within the communities in which we operate. We are therefore committed to pursuing the key ESG initiatives of:

  • Ethics
  • People, Health and Safety
  • Community Engagement and Diversity
  • Environment and Sustainability

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