Crown Actuated Valves

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    Linear and rotary valve solutions to suit the most extreme conditions

    Crown Gate Valves

    Stream-Flo Crown gate valves feature a full bore/thru-conduit design, in-line repairability and protected long-life seats.

    Crown-Fusion Ball Valves

    Our ball valve line is a high-quality comprehensive offering of valves in both forged and cast body designs.

    Protect your assets in the field with our Surface Safety Systems

    Critical Surface Safety Systems

    • Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDVs)
    • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPSs)
    • Shutdown Valves (SDVs)
    • Surface Safety Valves (SSVs)

    Wellhead Applications

    Conventional Wells

    • High pressure
    • High temperature

    Injection Wells

    • CO2 Injection
    • Steam Injection
    • Miscible Flood Injection
    • Water Disposal
    • Water Flood

    Gas Storage Wells

    Actuation Types

    Stream-Flo’s Crown self-contained hydraulic valve actuation system is used for the automatic closing of valves on wellheads and flow lines under emergency conditions. The system consists of a hydraulic actuator, a manual hydraulic pump and control assembly attached to a linear or rotary valve.

    ESD-EH uses our PwrESD system which is an integrated electro-hydraulic power unit designed to operate hydraulic actuators for surface safety valves (SSVs) and flow-line ESD valves.

    Powered by SmartVue™ for data acquisition, local user interface, and edge computing to run condition monitoring and autonomous operations. The controller can be offered as an explosion-proof / flameproof Class 1 Division 1/Zone1 or Class 1 Division 2/Zone2 solution.

    Electric-powered actuation solutions for on-off fail in place applications. 

    Pneumatic actuators are simple to maintain and offer reliable operation, ensuring a product life cycle with minimal equipment related downtime.   

    Have questions about Crown actuated valves? Contact our sales team today to get started.

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