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    Join us in our commitment to health, safety, and the environment! At Stream-Flo, we strive to create a safe and secure workplace for all our employees, contractors, visitors, and the public affected by our operations.

    Our senior management is deeply involved in the HSE Management System and works tirelessly to achieve excellence in HSE performance. Our Corporate HSE Policy represents our dedication to our Corporate HSE Management system and emphasizes the importance of promoting a positive safety culture.

    We take pride in striving towards an incident-free environment and ensuring all workers are protected from risk. Our ongoing commitment and leadership to HSE are reflected in the following ways:

    • Endorsement of Corporate HSE Policy by the President & CEO of Stream-Flo Group of Companies.
    • Conducting an Annual Safety Stand-Down.
    • Monthly executive meetings with a strong HSE presence.
    • Measuring HSE performance and setting high expectations for continual improvement.
    • Publication of a monthly HSE newsletter campaign to all employees.
    • Sharing incident alerts with preventive actions.
    • Incident trend analysis and the development of annual safety action plans.
    • Conducting HSE Management System audits in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 audit protocols.
    • Supporting the development and implementation of Industry Recommended Practices.


    We invite you to be part of our commitment to HSE by working together to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

    At the Stream-Flo Group of Companies, prioritizing Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE) is integral to our core values and essential business practices. To ensure the safety and well-being of our personnel across all operations, we strictly adhere to our management plans, policies, and corporate principles. Our Corporate HSE Policies and Standards meet all regulatory requirements in the regions in which we operate, and our comprehensive Corporate HSE management system is structured according to the ISO framework. This framework includes:

    1. Corporate HSE Policy
    2. Corporate HSE Standards
    3. Site Specific Standards
    4. HSE Forms

    Under the direct supervision of the President & CEO, our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Department is headed by a team of board-certified safety professionals who possess extensive education and experience in the field of HSE.

    To ensure the safety and well-being of all those affected by our operations, we continuously improve our Safety Management System through HSE auditing, inspection, corporate standards review, and the annual development of significant HSE initiatives.

    • Global standards are developed by the HSE team to the highest standards in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
    • The corporate standards are developed by the HSE and operations teams and approved by the Vice President of HSE.


    The HSE team continually reviews legal requirements and identifies new industry standards that positively impact our HSE performance and culture.

    Our Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management System fosters employee morale and pride by actively engaging employees in identifying safety needs and promoting safe work practices. To meet the high standards of our customers, our team of HSE professionals and technical trainers ensures that our employees are well-trained and competent to safely carry out their assigned responsibilities. We maintain a specialized internal safety training database that tracks employee training compliance, competency assessments, and recertification requirements. To ensure that required training is accessible across the Stream-Flo Group of Companies, we employ a multifaceted approach that includes classroom training, hands-on training, and a web-based training portal.

    At Stream-Flo, we firmly believe that a comprehensive HSE training approach equips our employees with the skills and competencies they need to perform their jobs safely and, most importantly, return home safely every day.

    Hazard Assessment & Risk Management

    The Stream-Flo Group of Companies is committed to minimizing Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) risks associated with our business operations through the utilization of risk-based tools to effectively manage risks and minimize exposure across all our operations.

    To actively involve our employees in the hazard assessment and risk reduction process, we have fully implemented a Hazard Identification and Control Safety Standard. Our employees are expected to play an active role in this process. We utilize a multifaceted approach to identify and assess risks, hazards, and effective controls. This approach enables us to capture and analyze risks before an incident occurs. In addition to conventional hazard assessment techniques, we leverage close call reporting, inspections, audits, site observations, and stop-work authority. This approach helps us to minimize risk tolerance and increase hazard awareness, promoting a safer work environment for all.

    At Stream-Flo, we recognize our duty to act as responsible stewards of the environment. Environmental responsibility is a fundamental component of our Corporate HSE Management System, and we are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact in the communities in which we operate. Our HSE Management System utilizes risk management tools to proactively identify and address environmental concerns within our facilities and customer locations.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we operate, we have an evolving focus on minimizing our environmental footprint.

    Our HSE Management System is certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard, underscoring our commitment to environmental responsibility.

    We ensure effective execution and monitoring of our HSE performance through the documentation, implementation, and monitoring of industry-recognized monitoring practices. Our HSE department tracks performance monthly, and reports to senior management during regularly scheduled executive management meetings. To maintain our commitment to HSE as a corporate value and guiding principle, we set annual HSE objectives and metrics, and monitor performance regularly throughout the year.

    We use a range of monitoring tools to track our HSE performance, including monthly incident tracking, close call reporting, inspection tracking, and corrective action closure tracking. 

    Incident trending is also closely monitored, and the results and findings of our monitoring efforts are communicated to both management and employees through a range of channels.

    All incidents and close calls are thoroughly investigated at Stream-Flo to further our incident reduction initiatives and in accordance with our HSE Management System.

    The incidents are documented and tracked using a specialized safety database to monitor trends and track the closure of corrective actions. The President & CEO is informed of all recordable injuries and serious incidents, along with all senior managers. The root causes of the incidents are identified, and corrective and preventive actions are developed and implemented.

    The Stream-Flo Group of Companies has developed a multi-level communication strategy to ensure that all employees and managers are kept informed about incidents, trends, and company incident reduction initiatives.

    Stream-Flo’s HSE Management System places great importance on verifying the performance of the system in a systematic and structured way. Regular feedback enables Stream-Flo’s management to provide guidance and leadership to continuously improve HSE performance. To maintain our ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 registrations, the Stream-Flo Group of Companies conducts both internal and external surveillance audits of the Corporate HSE Management System annually.

    The Stream-Flo senior management team reviews the executive summary of our annual HSE audits and actively supports the corrective actions to ensure that we strive for continuous improvement of our HSE management system.

    Maintaining our commitment to uphold Health, Safety and the Environment as a guiding principle and corporate value for the Stream-Flo Group of Companies necessitates an unwavering dedication to ongoing enhancement. We collaborate with local regulators, industry peers, and other association partners to establish exceptional HSE performance, enabling us to achieve and sustain our culture of continuous improvement.

    To manage workplace risk and fulfill our clients’ requirements, Stream-Flo actively participates in associations within the oil and gas industry. We persist in developing essential HSE initiatives to facilitate continuous improvement.

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