Cheyenne, WY

Service and Distribution Facility

Positioned near the southeastern corner of the State to service the oil and gas industry in the region

Our Stream-Flo Cheyenne company-owned service and distribution facility (opened in 2014) is strategically positioned to service the oil and gas industry in the region. This facility is distributed across two buildings totaling 26,000ft² as well as two fenced acres of storage for customer property.

Facility Capabilities

  • Wellhead assembly, testing and painting
  • Environmental closed loop hydrostatic and gas testing and charting capability to 30,000psi
  • Wellhead and gate valve repair
  • Comprehensive customer property inventory management tracking and reporting system
  • Detailed well name/location tracking system


  • Fleet and service management 100+ service units, (administered, GPS equipped, federal carrier profile, and ELD administered)
  • Service vehicles consisting of full bore and grease units to picker trucks with electric and pneumatic tools to accommodate wellhead installation, valve service and other general oilfield services

Field Service Capabilities

  • 24-hour service and sales support
  • Wellhead/gate valve field integrity maintenance capabilities
  • Fully equipped service trucks to accommodate wellhead installation and related wellhead services
  • 5,000psi top/side entry plug lubricator
  • 15,000psi top entry plug hydraulic lubricator (upon request)
  • Torque wrench services

Contact Info


388 North American Rd
Cheyenne, Wyoming
United States

Phone: 1-307-632-3755

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