Field Service and Technical Support Facility

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    Our Lloydminster branch is strategically located to help us further support the major oil and gas industry hubs of the area

    Opened in 2022, this facility provides field service and technical support to our customers in Lloydminster, Bonnyville, and Cold Lake for all their oil and gas equipment needs. Offering wellhead and valve teardown, quality assurance, quality control inspection processes, rebuilds, high and low-pressure testing, as well as painting, to ensure equipment quality.

    Our newest facility furthers our tradition of providing unparalleled service to our
    customers in the region.


    • Newly opened in March 2022
    • Wellhead and valve teardown
    • QA/QC inspection processes
    • Reconditioning
    • High and low-pressure testing capabilities
    • Paint


    • Specialty SAGD wellhead and gate valve inventory, applicable to heavy oil regions
    • Fully stocked with all parts for wellhead, valve and choke equipment maintenance

    Service Capabilities

    • 24-hour service for all Stream-Flo Industries products, as well as for all other OEM steam and SAGD equipment
    • Wellhead/gate valve/choke & control valve/check valve/etc. greasing and maintenance (on a call-out basis, or scheduled large scale
      service campaigns)
    • Detailed well location tracking system
    • Comprehensive, customized customer property inventory tracking and reporting system

    Field Service Capabilities

    • Service vehicles complete with picker, electric, and pneumatic tools to accommodate cost effective wellhead installation, valve service and other general oilfield services, eliminating the need for larger vehicles when not necessary
    • Valve service units designed to handle large scale pad and plant valve servicing at a cost-effective rate as well as wellhead installs – electric and pneumatic tools
    • Grease trailer capable of plant turnaround and large-scale pad maintenance
    • Low and high-pressure side entry and lubricators
    • Calibrated hydraulic torque wrenches carried on every service unit

    Contact Info


    4807 40 Ave
    Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
    S9V 2B7

    Phone: 1-639-398-4415

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