ESD-EHX is a self-contained valve monitoring system powered by SmartVueTM intelligent valve controller (IVC). It integrates to surface safety valves to provide a variety of features for remote opening and closing, and partial stroke testing. The system is connected remotely through Modbus RTU protocol and locally through a human machine interface (HMI) screen and a Wi-Fi interface.

ESD-EHX is powered by the DYCOR™ SmartVue™ for data acquisition, local user interface, and edge computing to run condition monitoring and autonomous operations. The controller can be offered as an explosion-proof/flameproof Class 1 Division 1/Zone 1 or Class 1 Division 2/Zone 2 solution.

Electro-hydraulic Power Pack (PwrESD)

ESD-EHX integrates with Stream-Flo’s PwrESD compact electro-hydraulic power (EHP) system for local or remote operation. It offers a range of flow rates and hydraulic operating pressures using AC or DC powered electric motors. The hydraulic circuit is self-contained with safety features including relief valves, fusible element, and manual ESD valve.

Condition Monitoring

ESD-EHX includes several condition monitoring features capable of evaluating the system health and identifying potential faults. It offers local and remote diagnostics during four main operational events; opening, opened, closing, and closed states. It is also capable of conducting partial stroke testing (PST) diagnostics to evaluate the valve and actuator health. Moreover, diagnostic logic is used to identify sensor limits/faults and hydraulic fluid leakage.

Automatic Control

ESD-EHX can autonomously conduct ESD events using built-in logic algorithms. This includes line pressure variation, hydraulic pressure leakage, abnormal sensor readings, increased valve drag, and low hydraulic fluid. In addition, the system can automatically cycle the pump to maintain hydraulic actuator pressure.

User Interface and Connectivity

ESD-EHX can be configured with three types of user interface; (1) local screen, (2) remote wired, and (3) local Wi-Fi. The remote wired data connections can be made to the controller’s Modbus serial (RTU or ASCII) server. A local Wi-Fi connection provides webpage user interface access.

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