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We, Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. (“Stream-Flo”), are a manufacturer of world-class equipment and solutions for the oil and gas industry, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and operating facilities and sales offices in Canada and around the world. This website is directed at our business customers to provide Stream-Flo products and services worldwide. This site only collects data from business representatives of Stream-Flo customers.

What information we collect through the website

We collect IP addresses and device identifications through the use of cookies. We collect this data to record visits and improve our website, as well as to recognize the computer when revisiting our website. You may opt-out of cookies through the privacy settings on your browser.

Where we keep and how we protect your information

We may store your personal information on servers managed by Ultimate Software in the United States, in Microsoft Office 365 datacenters located in the United States, in Amazon Web Services datacenters located in the United States and/or on computers managed by the Stream-Flo Group of Companies in Canada, the United States and/or in the United Kingdom. Datacenters managed by Ultimate Software, Microsoft and Amazon are certified under ISO standards and the EU-US Privacy Shield privacy protection.

All Stream-Flo datacenter suppliers, including Ultimate Software, Microsoft and Amazon contribute to data security and have been chosen by us after the exercise of due diligence for reliability in data protection.

How we share information

We only share personal information with third party contractors engaged to assist us in improving our website and providing our services and only for that purpose. We ensure that they all comply with applicable Privacy or Data Protection Legislation.

Your privacy rights

You have the right to access the personal information you have provided to us through the website by contacting us at If you find your information is inaccurate, we will correct or delete it, as needed. You can withdraw your consent to us holding the information you provided at any time.

To read Stream-Flo’s Privacy Policy click here.

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For any privacy and personal information queries and concerns, please contact us at

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