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    Frac Support & Maintenance

    Frac trees and manifolds are the last line of surface control and therefore it is critical that they are a maintenance priority.

    Our specialized service trucks are manned by experienced crews who are fully trained in frac operations and maintenance. Our equipment and training are continually upgraded to ensure we are staying ahead of new technology as it evolves.

    Stream-Flo field personnel are trained and experienced in:

    • Initial installation of frac trees and manifolds.
    • On-site frac support and services, including valve service, accumulator set-up and functioning.
    • Torqueing of wellhead and frac equipment.
    • Greasing capability of up to 15,000 psi
    • Crews are trained and capable of doing repairs onsite.
    • Lubricator capabilities for setting and retrieving BPVs and VR plugs for pressures up to 15,000 psi.
    • Additional services as required onsite to better support our customers.
    • Canadian service fleet ranging from ¾ ton grease units to tri drive picker trucks with 22 ton lift capacity

    Our service fleet is equipped with a full line of soft parts and extras to support all service requirements. And Stream-Flo crews are equipped and experienced with specialized service tools for a variety of applications.


    Welhead Installation

    Extensively trained and experienced service and support technicians have installed our wellheads and other products around the world.

    Drilling/ Completions Service

    Our crews are trained in detailed running and test procedures to ensure efficient, cost-effective service without compromising safety.

    • Slip-Loc casing heads.
    • Full bore drilling systems.
    • Mandrel casing hangers in a variety of materials and thread combinations.
    • Secondary seal assemblies from metal sealing to elastomeric.
    • Tubing hangers from single to triple string are available in different materials and thread combinations.
    • Gate valves from 2 1/16-2000 psi to 7 1/16-15000 psi, for sweet and sour service.
    • Chokes are available for drilling and completions ranging from 2” to 8”, pressure ratings from 2000 psi to 15,000 psi, and come in ANSI or API flanged. All chokes come in a variety of trims and specialized materials.

    Our service fleet is equipped with a full line of soft parts and extras to support all service requirements. And Stream-Flo crews are equipped and experienced with specialized service tools for a variety of applications.

    Wellhead Isolation

    Patented Isolation Casing/Tubing Tools
    (2-3/8” to 7”)

    Our patented FC2K Surface Wellhead Isolation Tool completely isolates surface wellhead equipment during well stimulation operations. The FC2K protects the wellhead components from pressures exceeding the rated working pressure and provides a reliable barrier from frac operations, including pressure and treatment fluids.

    Features of Our Tool:
    • Protects the wellhead from corrosion and erosion during stimulation with high acid and/or proppant concentrations.
    • Protects the surface wellhead from stimulation pressures exceeding the wellhead’s rated working pressure.
    • Designed to API standards and operates up to 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa) rated working pressure.
    • Remote control panel keeps operators at a safe distance.

    Thermal Services & Support

    A wide array of thermal services and products are available from our trained service technicians and service units, including:

    • Wellhead installation.
    • Equipment change-outs.
    • Valve servicing.
    • Torqueing of all wellhead connections.
    • Wellhead commissioning.
    • Lubricator capabilities for setting and retrieving BPVs and VR plugs for pressures up to 15,000 psi.

    With branches located near most thermal projects, service technicians are available nearby to assist on a call-out basis for everything from on-the-spot equipment change-outs to valve service. For larger scale maintenance of your field, we have qualified specialists to handle all your needs.

    Our preventative maintenance and routine checks of critical pressure containing devices can also prevent costly production interruptions. This makes including Stream-Flo in your shutdown or turnaround maintenance plan a sound investment.

    Actuated Valves & Choke Service & Repair

    Our trained service technicians have been trained to repair all of our actuated valves and chokes in the field. For more extensive repairs, we offer in-house services at all of our branches.

    Pad Commissioning

    Our wellhead and pad commissioning services ensure equipment is installed properly and functioning to the required standard. To ensure all requirements are met, our customers have a final opportunity to make changes before production has begun.

    Fort McMurray & Lloydminster Service Centers

    Our Fort McMurray and Lloydminster Service Centres offer specialized oilfield services for the high-temperature wellheads and gate valves in our customers operations.

    Preventive Maintenance

    Stream-Flo’s preventive maintenance can significantly reduce downtime and increase safety. Regular maintenance of your equipment from initial install through its natural life cycle will also save you money now and in the long-term.

    To meet the evolving requirements of your ongoing operations, we offer:

    • Monthly, semi-annual and annual preventive maintenance options.
    • Quick repair or replacement of equipment by experienced and trained Stream-Flo service technicians.
    • Strategically located and fully stocked service and distribution centres ensure that Stream-Flo personnel and products are in place to provide the care and attention your equipment needs 24/7.
    • Brown field retrofitting and maintenance for wells with plateauing or declining production, with secondary recovery expertise and knowledge.

    Rental Equipment

    Offering a wide range of frac heads, manifolds, gate valves, chokes, and completion equipment for rental use.

    To ensure rental equipment delivers consistent performance under the most demanding conditions, all repairs and maintenance are performed by Stream-Flo’s trained service technicians, who inspect all internal components to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

    Similarly, our Engineering department focuses on continuous improvement of our rental equipment by incorporating specialized materials and overlays for increased longevity of equipment to help lower repair costs.

    Frac Heads & Equipment

    • Full-range of frac head configurations for ball drop, plug and perf, and coil tubing.
    • Custom frac head configurations.
    • All repairs and maintenance are performed by trained and experienced in-house staff with machine/welding repair and testing capabilities.
    • Competitive rental rates, with both daily and monthly rates available.
    • Flat rate repairs are offered on your frac trees.

    Manifold Equipment

    • Manifolds are designed and built to our customers’ specifications.
    • Manifolds are designed to make sure that set up and teardown are done in the quickest and most efficient way possible without sacrificing safety.
    • Accumulators, 2 station up to 8 station, available.
    • Fluid analysis programs are used to help size and design your manifold for optimum service and durability.
    • Competitive rental rates, with both daily and monthly rates available.

    Rental Inventory

    • Gate valves from 1 13/16” to 7 1/16” for sweet or sour applications, and manual or hydraulic operated.
    • Rated working pressures from 2000 psi to 15,000 psi.
    • Frac equipment from 2 1/16 – 10,000 psi to 7 1/16 – 15,000 psi.
    • In stock 7 1/16” full bore, full opening expanding and slab gate valves in sour and sweet trims ranging from 2000 psi to 15,000 psi.
    • Changeover flanges and spools are inventoried.
    • Plug valves ranging from 2” to 5”(RTJ) flanged, and up to 15,000 psi.

    Customer Property Management

    Stream-Flo’s goal is to be a partner with our customers and help them manage their assets so they can save money by utilizing existing inventories. Our customized software documents and traces all equipment through the repair process to storage and utilization.

    Utilizing existing inventory is also an opportunity for our customers and Stream-Flo to minimize our carbon footprint by optimizing the life of the equipment available.

    • Our customized management system enables each Stream-Flo branch to assist our customers in the efficient and cost-effective control of their inventories and ensure they receive maximum value from their assets.
    • In-house repair capabilities on API gate valves, from 2” 2,000 psi to 7 1/16” 15,000 psi.
    • All branch facilities inventory and manage large customer assets related to wellhead and gate valve equipment.
    • Extensive repair and testing for high-pressure rated equipment up to 15,000 psi.
    • All repairs and materials used meet API standards, and repaired equipment is tested and covered with a one-year limited warranty.
    • Upon customer request, Stream-Flo will actively try to reduce customer inventories by purchasing or putting equipment out to bid on their behalf.



    Stream-Flo is committed to maximizing the value of our customers’ capital investments. Reconditioned equipment offers our customers the ability to extend the service life of their equipment, and to purchase fully reconditioned equipment at a substantial savings.

    • In-house repair capabilities on all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product groups, wellheads and gate valves. 
    • One-year warranty on reconditioned equipment.
    • A complete range of wellheads and gate valves in-stock from 2” 2000 psi to 7 1/16” 15,000 psi.
    • Large inventory of reconditioned and specialty wellhead equipment and parts for Canadian and U.S. operations. 
    • Reconditioned equipment is inventoried at all of our branches. 
    • Full machining and welding capabilities are monitored by our QA/QC department. 
    • All work performed meets or exceeds requirements as stated by API. 
    • Utilizing reconditioned equipment is both economical and environmentally friendly.

    Valve Service & Greasing

    Stream-Flo performs a comprehensive range of services for a variety of Stream-Flo, Master Flo and other OEM valves. This includes gate valve field maintenance, greasing and repair, and field maintenance and repair of choke valves and control valves.

    • Gate valves 
    • Emergency shutdown valves (ESD) / surface safety valves (SSV)
    • Check valves
    • Ball Valves

    In addition to fully stocked facilities, our trucks carry the full range of parts and tools required to ensure your valves are repaired quickly and safely.

    Product Training

    Stream-Flo offers a full-range of in-class and hands-on training to make sure your employees can safely operate your Stream-Flo products, perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot.

    The focus of our training is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience you’ll need to apply what you learn in the field. Courses includes:

    • Wellhead 101 (lunch and learns, 1-day and 5-day courses).
    • Time-Saving/Speed Systems.
    • Gate valves & Christmas trees.
    • API/purchasing training.
    • Custom-tailored courses to meet your requirements.

    Edmonton Head Office and Manufacturing

    Training in our 300,000-square-foot facility features availability of manufacturing personnel and equipment, assembly and testing facilities, and access to our engineers, service technicians and other experts.

    Houston Training Center

    This state-of the-art facility features close proximity to the Stream-Flo USA head office in Houston, which provides availability of engineers and other experts for customized training.

    • 20,000-square-foot dedicated training facility
    • Classroom, shop and office space
    • Demo units of the full line of products manufactured by Stream-Flo and Master Flo
    • Test bays
    • Assembly areas
    • Change rooms

    Have questions about our services? Contact us today to get in touch.

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