Edmonton Customer Property Facility

Customer Property and Reconditioning Facility

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    Continuous Customer Support

    Stream-Flo is dedicated to providing continued customer support through our company-owned Customer Property and Reconditioned Equipment facility.

    Built in 2000, this 35,000ft2 facility is reserved for customer property asset management, repairs and reconditioning. We offer an extensive knowledge and inventory
    of OEM products, and with a fully equipped machine shop and QC department, this facility is dedicated to serving the Western Canadian
    oil and gas industry.


    • Company-owned facility established in 2000
    • 35,000 square foot customer property repairs and remanufacturing complete with machine shop, welding, and QC department
    • Full integrated Customer Property Asset management system
    • Extensive knowledge and inventory on OEM products

    Service Capabilities

    • 24-hour sales, service, engineering, and manufacturing support for all Stream-Flo Industries products
    • Wellhead and gate valve assembly, testing and painting
    • Hydrostatic and nitrogen testing with charting to 20,000 psi


    • Fully inspected and quality-controlled items with full warranty (like new)
    • Customer Property (warrantied)
    • Reconditioned equipment (warrantied)

    Contact Info


    4910 74 Ave
    Edmonton, AB
    T6B 2H6

    Phone: 1-780-468-8524
    Fax: 1-780-463-4764

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