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At the Stream-Flo Group of Companies, we are committed to pioneering advancements and delivering robust infrastructure solutions that empower energy producers worldwide in their quest for sustainability. Our focus is on driving the transformation needed to ensure a sustainable energy future. Discover how our innovative approaches are setting the pace for the global transition to renewable and efficient energy sources.

Stream-Flo: Powering Your Path to Sustainable Energy

Stream-Flo is proud to be at the forefront of fostering sustainable and innovative energy solutions. As global leaders in the energy industry come together to discuss, collaborate, and accelerate decarbonization efforts, we are ready to showcase our line of field-proven products that have been instrumental in leading decarbonization projects worldwide.

From carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) to geothermal energy and lithium extraction, our wellhead and pressure control expertise in these critical and emerging fields highlights our role in driving significant advances. Our team is excited to share our achievements and explore how our solutions can support the ongoing transformation toward a more sustainable energy future.

Leading Innovation in Offshore and Subsea Solutions

Explore the forefront of offshore and subsea technology with Master Flo. As a leader in flow management solutions, we specialize in developing products and technologies tailored for the rigorous demands of offshore environments.

ESD-EHX is a self-contained valve monitoring system powered by SmartVueTM intelligent valve controller (IVC). It integrates to surface safety valves to provide a variety of features for remote opening and closing, and partial stroke testing. The system is connected remotely through Modbus RTU protocol and locally through a human machine interface (HMI) screen and a Wi-Fi interface.

ESD-EHX is powered by the DYCOR™ SmartVue™ for data acquisition, local user interface, and edge computing to run condition monitoring and autonomous operations. The controller can be offered as an explosion-proof/flameproof Class 1 Division 1/Zone 1 or Class 1 Division 2/Zone 2 solution.

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