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    Wellhead control panels

    Stream-Flo is able to provide self-contained hydraulic and electro-hydraulic wellhead control panels for use with any combinations of flowline and/or wellhead-located surface actuated valves and/or surface controlled subsurface safety valves on your wellsite.

    Stream-Flo’s Wellhead Control Panels can be provided as industry standard or as custom built designs to meet any of your actuated valve, instrumentation, or material needs.

    As well, Stream-Flo’s Wellhead Control Panels are provided with many unique features to ensure that the Panel and its hydraulic control circuits are never contaminated by either the atmosphere at the site or by the produced fluids that the system is controlling.

    PwrESD Electro-Hydraulic Power System

    A standalone unit that can be retrofitted to replace the manual hydraulic pumping system.

    SmartVue™ IVC & SmartVue™ SVX IVC (Intelligent Valve Controller)

    SmartVue™ is a rugged sunlight-readable touchscreen display, measurement, and PID controller responding to industry’s need for a wide temperature range, ruggedized panel meter, for both monitoring and process control applications.


    An electro-hydraulic power system, for medium to large bore valves.

    Accessories for actuated valve systems

    • Rotary Gear Pump
    • Limit Switches and
    • Terminal Boxes
    • Pressure, Level and Temperature Sensors
    • Crown high and low pressure pilots

    Have questions about our controls and accessories? Contact our sales team today to get started.

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