Proven in the most demanding environments to provide safe, reliable operation

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    Providing efficient and reliable solutions for industrial applications

    Our valves deliver enhanced value to energy producers through the reliable and efficient solutions they facilitate. They reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and are easy to maintain and repair.

    Built to withstand any environment

    Stream-Flo valves have been put to the test in some of the harshest operating conditions — passing with flying colours. Our experience meeting such demanding requirements and environments over our 60+ years, has enabled us to continually push valve technology to the limit and pass on the value of our learnings to our very valued customers. 

    Developed for reliability

    Our valve designs are developed using the latest software-based analysis tools. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), a wide range of variations in physical design and operational parameters can be tested and refined until a set which gives optimum performance is identified.

    Finite element analysis (FEA) takes place at the development stage to ensure the design gives the best possible performance. This is achieved by simulating the working conditions of the valve using cutting-edge computational analysis.

    Valve Solutions

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