DMLX saves Eagle Ford operator 1.5 hours

Roughly $2,312 in rig time savings and $4,687 in spread rate cost reduction

The real-world time savings from our DMLX system are starting to be relayed from the field.

As more operators begin using the latest evolution of our premier wellhead system, its efficiencies are being extremely well received by those whose time is worth the most: drilling managers.

During a recent install, our team was able to conduct their part of the job in only 51 minutes.

This included:

  • 1. Backing out the DMLX production casing hanger running tool 10 turns and retrieving to the rig floor.
  • 2. Using our DMLX production casing hanger running tool to make it up to the DMLX, packoff running tool, and production packoff.
  • 3. Lowering the assembly through the BOP stack and landing the production packoff on top of the production casing hanger.
  • 4. Testing the production packoff in the cellar, then coming back to the rig floor to lock the packoff in place and then preform an overpull.
  • 5. Retrieving the assembly to the rig floor.
  • 6. Picking up the BPV assembly and setting the BPV in the production casing hanger.
  • 7. Retrieving the BPV assembly.

Seven steps, 51 minutes.

According to the rig manager on site, 1.5 hours saved.

Roughly $2,312 in pure rig time.

About $4,687 all in with spread rate.

For a two-string system.

Savings multiply with more strings

Multiply those financial and time savings by two for a three-string system, thanks to the DMLX’s running tools, says Stream-Flo USA Field Sales Manager Roger Harrington.

“These tools are multifunctional,” stressed Harrington. “Both the intermediate tool and the production tool, they can run the casing hanger, they can run the packoff, and they can retrieve the packoff. So there’s three things that those can do, and we never have to let it leave the rig floor to switch it out to add the different components, which also provides improved safety for the workers since there’s less time in the cellar.”

Doing a bit of back-of-napkin math — using nice round numbers to make things easy — a 10 rig program running four-well pads with the DMLX two string system seeing the time savings outlined above can expect to save 60 hours.

$92,480 in daily rig rate savings.

$281,220 in daily rig spread rate savings.

“He was excited,” said Harrington of the drilling manager’s reaction to using the DMLX for the first time.

Easy to see why.

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