SPDA Accessories

Accessories for SPDA & SPDA-T Actuators

Enhance Your Actuator's Performance

Stream-Flo’s SPDA and SPDA-T pneumatic diaphragm actuators are designed for reliability and precision. To further enhance their functionality, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories. Our accessories are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring that your actuation systems perform optimally, regardless of the operational environment.

Manual Overrides

Equip your actuator with a manual override for manual operation in case of pneumatic supply failure, ensuring continuous operation.

Hydraulic Overrides

Ideal for applications requiring higher force or where pneumatic supply is unreliable. Hydraulic overrides provide an alternative power source for actuator operation.

Lock Open Caps

Secure your valves in an open position safely and effectively with lock open caps, designed for easy application and removal.

Proximity Switch Assembly

Integrate proximity switches for accurate position feedback, essential for automated control systems requiring precise valve positioning.

Clear Stem Protectors

Protect the actuator stem from environmental contaminants with clear stem protectors, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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