Switching to DMLX significantly reduces operation times

Change is never easy. Especially when there’s a lot of new knowledge to ascertain. But change, more often than not, brings with it remarkable benefits.

This was experienced firsthand by a prominent energy company during an operation in the Eagle Ford. The operation signaled the commencement of a new phase with one of Stream-Flo USA’s primary clients.

Stream-Flo USA Field Sales Manager Roger Harrington oversaw the operation, accompanied by Todd Davis, DJ Williams, Eddie Guzman, and Jonathan Sabiza. The operation was successfully executed, with the client’s senior drilling representatives intently observing every step.

“The client team spoke highly of the installation of the DMLX system,” Harrington reported post-operation. “They were particularly impressed with the simplicity and resilience of the installation/rental tools package and its multifunctional nature, reducing the number of tools required on the drilling site.”
Harrington noted the client’s team also admired the enhanced rotational torque rating and reciprocation capacities of the installation tools.

“In general, they were taken aback by how easily the field tools maintenance program can be performed by field service technicians at the drill site,” Harrington further elaborated, appreciating the outstanding support and field execution provided by the Stream-Flo Beeville branch during the transitional showcase.

Major milestone for DMLX

Stream-Flo USA Sales and Marketing Manager Jesse Clifford announced that the client is now planning to use the DMLX system on more of their rigs in different plays.

“This is a significant milestone for the DMLX and all those who have worked so hard on developing it” Clifford stated. “Our customers are now witnessing the time-saving advantages of the system up close and personal, which leaves a lasting impression about the overall value it can deliver to them and their operations.”

Over the next couple weeks, the DMLX transition train will keep rolling as our Stream-Flo Indiana, PA team is set to perform the system switch for additional partners.

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