Stream-Flo Group of Companies unveils ESG policy

The Stream-Flo Group of Companies is committed to incorporating sustainability as a core value within our organization. As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe that financial performance — and responsibility for our environment, our employees, and the global communities we touch — are inextricably linked. 

Over the years we have taken it upon ourselves to institute numerous initiatives, programs, and policies to uphold our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen, many times ahead of those within our given industry and the wider business world.  

As the focus on environment, social, and governance (ESG) has intensified in recent years, senior leadership felt it important we formalize our various efforts under the umbrella of an official ESG policy.  

Today, we unveil that policy. 

“Ever since our founding 60 years ago, Stream-Flo has been committed to making the communities in which we operate benefit from our presence, along with providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, with learning and career growth opportunities for each person,” says Grant Pilgrim, Stream-Flo vice president of HSE and chair of our ESG committee. “I am proud to say that tradition has been carried through to each successive company that has joined the group.” 

Citing things such as our waste diversion and coolant recycling programs, in addition to the vitally important role our remanufacturing division provides in reducing equipment waste within the oil and gas industry, Pilgrim says sustainability and respect for the environment have long been key tenets of the organization.  

“We took it upon ourselves to be subjected to the gold standard of environmental auditing by becoming ISO 14001 certified in 2017,” notes Pilgrim. “In the years since, we have continually found ways to minimize the adverse environmental impact of our operations and its associated supply chain.”   

When it comes to the health and safety of our employees, Pilgrim and his team marked a major accomplishment in 2021, achieving ISO 45001 certification for every Stream-Flo Group of Companies manufacturing, sales, and aftermarket facility in North America, joining our United Kingdom location, which was the first to be certified to both ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.  

Operating under an ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system is strongly regarded as the global standard for leading companies across the world.  

Being a privately owned and operated organization, strides have also been made in recent years to bolster the strong governance record our group of companies have enjoyed throughout their respective histories.  

These measures include a strong focus on succession planning, appointing an independent board chair, and enabling management teams to further their leadership skills through company-supported training.  

“Even though we are not required to operate under the same obligations as a publicly traded company, we have always held ourselves to that standard,” explains Pilgrim. “In fact, being privately owned has allowed us to move more agilely on important ESG files such as those that relate to ethics, the environment, and most importantly, the fair, respectful, and equitable treatment of all our employees, in a way that constantly reflects the value they bring to the organization.”  

Expanding on that last point further, Pilgrim says one of the main pledges in the newly unveiled policy relates to how our organization is committed to educating, developing, and empowering our employees, so as to enable them to identify and adopt best practices that will further enhance our sustainability.  

“By giving our employees the tools to take ownership over the organization’s sustainability in myriad ways, we are further advancing our Guiding Principle of Independence, which has been a major driver of our continued success, in what some may consider to be one of the most volatile industries on the planet.” 

Indeed, our Guiding Principles of Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Communities, HSE, Growth, Quality, Innovation, Integrity, and Independence, very much served as the basis for our new ESG policy.  

“We were very fortunate to have these firmly entrenched within our organization through our guiding principles, which made the formalization of all these under one umbrella a much easier process than most companies experience,” says Pilgrim.  

To view the full Stream-Flo Group of Companies’ ESG Policy, please click the link below.

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