All uses of the Stream-Flo logo must be reviewed and approved by the Stream-Flo Group of Companies Corporate Marketing department before publication in any medium. This is to ensure compliance with: (i) any written agreement between you and Stream-Flo, and (ii) Stream-Flo brand guidelines, set out below.

Measurements of Logo

To preserve the Stream-Flo logo’s integrity, always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo. This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, text, photography or background patterns that may divert attention. The minimum clear space for the Stream-Flo logo is defined by ¼” of clear space above, below and on each side of the logo. This minimum space should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.

The logo should not appear smaller than ¼″ in height. If your design requires the logo to go below this height, you must have approval from the Stream-Flo Group of Companies Corporate Marketing department.

Rules Of Use

  1. Do not change the colour of the logo.
  2. Do not combine the logo with other text.
  3. Do not change the proportions of logo.
  4. Do not use the logo or part of the logo to create a design pattern.
  5. Do not use a drop shadow behind the logo.
  6. Do not rotate the logo.
  7. Do not stretch the logo disproportionately.
  8. Do not redesign or recreate the logo artwork. Use only files provided by Stream-Flo.
  9. Do not enclose the logo or swoosh within a shape.
  10. Do use the appropriate file format and resolution for your specific application. If you need a different file format than the .jpg file below, contact the Stream-Flo Group of Companies Corporate Marketing department.
  11. Do not animate the logo.
  12. Do not use special effects with the logo.

Download the Logo File

To download a high-resolution .jpg file of the Stream-Flo logo, right click the logo image below and select “Save image as…”, “Save picture as…” or similar, depending on which browser you’re using. If you require the logo in a different file format, or a higher resolution, contact the Stream-Flo Group of Companies Corporate Marketing department.

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