Scholarships, stability, and advancing within

Two employees share their stories highlighting the benefits of all three

It can be fun tracing the trajectory of our lives based on the choices we make so many years ago.

A left here, a right there. Where we end up after those turns, so dependent on what might seem such an inconsequential decision at the time.

A yes instead of a no. Or the other way around.

Joining a family, instead of taking a job.

The Stream-Flo family, in the case of Justin Rizok and Landon Flaman.

“It all began with my dad working in the oilpatch as a construction supervisor for Crestar Energy,” said Rizok, an inside sales representative for our Red Deer branch, in conversation recently. “He suggested I apply with Stream-Flo because he had seen Stream-Flo service techs installing wellheads on numerous occasions on the well sites. I decided to take a leap and gave it a go, working up through the ranks, and it’s where I am 25 years later.”

Service tech to branch manager

For Flaman, the newly appointed branch manager of our Red Deer operation, his Stream-Flo story began in 2008.

“I knew early on in my career that I liked the way that Stream-Flo operated,” recalls Flaman. “I liked how it was a bigger company but still operated in a small atmosphere, and you got to know people that were higher up in the company and you didn’t feel like you were just a number.”

Both Rizok and Flaman began their careers with Stream-Flo as service technicians. Rizok then progressed to service manager, customer property coordinator, and now his current role as an inside sales representative. Flaman moved on up to shop supervisor, inside sales, and now, branch manager.

He credits Rizok and their complementary relationship over the past 15 years as being instrumental in his career progression.

“Justin taught me pretty much everything I know as far as being an inside sales guy,” said Flaman. “He’s pretty much responsible for my success in that position and the reason I moved forward.”

While he’s quick to add that’s the only time he’ll ever say words to that effect, Flaman notes their contrasting styles have been a big reason for his and Rizok’s success as a team over the years.

Stream-Flo Inside Sales Representative Justin Rizok, left, and newly appointed Stream-Flo Red Deer Branch Manager Landon Flaman, right, pose for a photo inside the Red Deer shop.

“Me and Justin are very different people,” said Flaman. “I’m a little bit more assertive and he’s more laid back. I think cohesively it actually works pretty good, in a lot of situations that partnership wouldn’t work for a lot of people.”

Stability during uncertain times

While there have been bumps in the road along the way, especially during economic downturns such as The Great Recession in 2008-9, the oil crash of 2014-15, and then COVID, both men say the stability Stream-Flo provides during such storms has been a big help in weathering them.

“Those downturns…never once did I worry about my job,” said Flaman. “I always kind of pass it along to the next people up that if you do your job, Stream-Flo will take care of you. It is a seasonal business, but [Stream-Flo] has been fantastic about making sure that the people they invest in are kept and secure.”

“We’ve had our ups and downs definitely,” adds Rizok. “We just push through.”

Being smack dab in the middle between Edmonton and Calgary, the Red Deer branch is accustomed to unannounced visitors of the executive variety popping by. Flaman says those unscheduled interactions help foster the small atmosphere feel of Stream-Flo he previously mentioned, and opens up avenues where ideas can be easily shared with higher ups in the organization. It’s also good motivation to keep things tidy.

“We take a lot of pride in making sure that we’re ready to go no matter who comes in, whether it’s a VP or a customer,” said Flaman. “We take a lot of pride in our facility, and our whole staff, right from the bottom to the top, take a lot of pride in what we’re doing.”

Red Deer had one such visitor stop by not too long ago. He was in town to present Rizok with the scholarship for his son Malcolm, who is in his third year at Red Deer Polytechnic working toward his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

President and CEO Mark McNeill presents Rizok with this year’s scholarship for his son Malcolm. 

“It’s very personal for Mark [McNeill] to come down here and present that scholarship,” said Rizok. “It’s very gratifying. I know he has a busy schedule and it’s nice for him to come down and present it and it’s much appreciated.”

Not least because of tuition costs nowadays.

“It’s not cheap putting these kids through school,” laughed Rizok, mentioning his son may have designs on graduate school in the future. “The $1,000 definitely helps.”

Scholarships, stability, and advancing within.

Left instead of right.

Yes instead of no.

Joining a family, instead of taking a job.

The Stream-Flo family, as Rizok and Flaman have come to discover. 

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