New look for Longview company softball team

Stream-Flo Wellboars help boost morale and camaraderie at our main American manufacturing facility

For eight years, Brent Freeman has been managing the Stream-Flo Longview softball team.

They’ve gone through impressive stretches — a two-season undefeated streak standing out amongst the tournament wins and other successes.

They’ve also gone through a few rebuilding phases, as people leave the team for one reason or another.

But throughout it all, the goal has been the same.

“It’s all about bringing our employees together as a family,” says Freeman, the material coordinator for Longview. “Stream-Flo’s always about family and being one, and actually having a team to come together and play outside of work, inside of work, it just keeps the morale up through the shop, involves everybody, it’s just team building.”

This year, the team received new uniforms and a rebrand courtesy of the company in recognition of all the positive benefits it’s provided over the years.

The Stream-Flo Wellboars, as they’re now known, look pretty sharp.

Members of the Longview Stream-Flo Wellboars pose for a team photo after one of their first games of the 2024 season.

“The team likes them,” said Freeman about the new uniforms, adding the Wellboars are currently 2-1 so far in the young City of Longview Parks and Recreation Spring 2024 Softball League season.

Having been involved with the team so long, one thing Freeman has noticed is just how beneficial it can be for those new to the company who come out and play on it.

“It opens them up,” he says. “If you can come outside of work and get away and actually come together and see this is really what we’re about — we love our employees and we want to show them how to be a team player — and then when they come in the next day, everybody’s high-fiving and moving forward, it’s always been a good thing like that.”

As the Wellboars embark on what is a long stretch of softball on account of the weather conditions afforded them in East Texas — end of April to January, typically — Freeman wants to make sure it’s all the positive things the team produces and its mirror effect that leaves a lasting impression.

 “Sportsmanship, that’s what it’s about,” he says. “Just like our company, the Wellboars do the same thing.”

The Stream-Flo Wellboars logo, created by Stream-Flo Senior Graphic Designer Dylan Matthew.

Stream-Flo ATP Warehouse Supervisor Esaul Lopez models the new Wellboars uniform alongside his two boys wearing their baseball ones. On what we imagine might have been a busy night for the Lopez household. 

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