New Kindersley building sets branch up for growth

7,500-square-foot facility allows more room for product to be readily available for customers

Investing and delivering are on full display in Kindersley these days.

After fully moving into a new facility at the beginning of February, our Kindersley branch is quickly getting accustomed to their new digs.

And the feedback from those there, has been all positive.

“It’s night and day,” said Kindersley Branch Manager Lanny Cook in comparing the new building to their previous one. “We had just outgrown the old building, with this one we designed it from scratch knowing what we do now so there’s a lot more functionality.”

The 7,500-square-foot facility features two high pressure test bays, three jib cranes, two overhead doors, a large paint booth, and a nice big yard.

Two high pressure test bays inside the new Stream-Flo Kindersley building. The bays allow for more efficient equipment testing, making the branch quicker to respond to customer requests.

The large yard and big overhead doors will make life a lot easier and comfortable for our Kindersley branch, with the latter allowing vehicles to be stored inside during the winter months.

Rapid response

“Really we’re able to do everything on-site, from building, testing, painting, and we do the frac repairs as they come in too,” explained Cook.

The nice big yard and additional space inside, makes Kindersley an even more rapid response unit for customers in the region.

“The biggest thing is being able to have more equipment readily available,” said Cook. “We can store more equipment here; I think we started with four frac trees and then went up to something like 14 and then 21 and now we’re sitting at 26 goat heads. If we needed to, if we picked up another customer, we could easily add another 15 to 20 goat heads without being crowded.”

Frac equipment sits inside the new Kindersley building with plenty of space for more goat heads should activity levels in the area increase.

Making a statement

Given the growth potential the new building provides, and with some irons in the fire, Cook says the new facility bolsters their expansion efforts in a majorly visible way.

“It’s no longer when guys try to find your shop if they don’t know where it is they’re not trying to identify you by window stickers,” he said. “If you’re missing where the shop is something’s wrong, right? Those signs definitely pop out at you pretty good.”

Two freightliners are currently on-site with a third arriving in August, giving the branch even more capabilities.

The large investment in the shop and overall Kindersley community, resonating in multiple ways, says Cook.

“It’s huge,” he said. “It lets us grow, lets us take on more customers, but I think even just from the employee side it’s a big buy-in.

“We have some newer guys here and they spent a little bit of time at the old shop, and then when they moved into the new shop, it makes them realize that Stream-Flo is the kind of place they can definitely have a career at.”

A place where they can grow, so to say.

Just like the branch they’re in. 

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