Making a difference in Mozambique

Donated soccer balls and backpacks go a long way with local communities

From Edmonton to East Africa, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen, and giving back to our communities.

It’s one of our main Guiding Principles and one we consistently walk the walk with: The communities within which we work will benefit from our presence.

Such was the case in Mozambique recently, with Stream-Flo International Wellhead Manager Tony Araujo facilitating our charitable efforts first-hand.

Trading some special items, in return for beaming smiles from local school children.

“Our initiative was to donate soccer balls and backpacks to schools in the area in which we are working in daily that have limited resources and funding,” explained Araujo. “Soccer is a big pastime and sport in Mozambique and to provide sports equipment to these local schools, allowing young kids to enjoy the sport they love, was received with overwhelming appreciation from students and staff.”

Stream-Flo International Wellhead Manager Tony Araujo with some of the children from a Mozambican school the soccer balls and backpacks were donated to.

10 schools receive donations

Over the course of a few days, Araujo and his in-country partners delivered these special gifts to 10 schools near the villages of Temane, Inhassoro, and Pande. The villages we work in, through MOEMS S.A.

“MOEMS S.A. (Mozambique Original Equipment Manufacture Services S.A.) is a local Mozambican-owned company that Stream-Flo has partnered with to support our client Sasol’s requirements,” said Araujo through email. “The intent of MOEMS is to provide a repair facility to repair wellheads, gate valves, ESDs, panels, and chokes. With the local team at MOEMS, we are very proud of the development and how we work close together to support the Sasol Central Processing Facility,” added Araujo, noting MOEMS’ operations continue to expand.  

“They have grown to support drilling operations with workovers by reconditioning Christmas trees and reconfiguring trees as required and are now supporting panel reconditioning and panel re-certification on-site and at their workshop. They continue to add to their capabilities by supplying products and services to other drilling opportunities in-country as well.”

When it came to how we could best give back to the Mozambican communities within which we work through MOEMS, Araujo says MOEMS Manager Nuro Dulobdas and Stream-Flo International Service Technician Clayton Fitzgerald were instrumental in suggesting the items that would have the biggest impact.

Araujo says the soccer balls were presented to school administrators so they may be used by the children at school during outside time, while the backpacks were provided to those students with the highest academic grades in each class.

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