Stream-Flo, Master Flo, and DYCOR:
Making Waves at the 2023 Valve World Americas Expo and Conference

World-class equipment and life-of-field solutions powering the global energy industry

Welcome to Valve World Americas 2023, where industry leaders gather to explore the latest advancements in valve technology.

We are thrilled to announce that Stream-Flo, Master Flo, and Dycor will be attending this prestigious event, ready to showcase our cutting-edge solutions to the global industry.

With a focus on automation and reliability, we will be presenting a wide range of innovative products, including automated valves, ball valves, check valves, and choke valves. Join us as we unveil our state-of-the-art offerings, designed to optimize performance, enhance efficiency, and meet the evolving needs of the valve market. Discover the significant impact we’ve had within industry, and let us guide you toward a future of unparalleled valve solutions.

Automated Valves

Stream-Flo proudly presents its comprehensive lineup of automated valves, designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in critical applications. Among our notable offerings is the ESD-EHX, a true testament to our commitment to safety and efficiency. The ESD-EHX combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction to provide reliable emergency shutdown functionality.

Ball Valves and Check Valves

Our commitment to excellence extends to our exceptional range of ball valves and check valves, engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in various industrial applications. Our ball valves are designed to provide superior flow control with minimal pressure drop, ensuring efficient and precise operation. With various options for both floating and trunnion-mounted ball valves, Stream-Flo offers solutions that cater to a wide range of process requirements.

Our check valves are designed to prevent reverse flow in pipelines, ensuring the uninterrupted and efficient flow of fluids. Stream-Flo’s check valves are crafted with precision, incorporating robust materials and advanced design features to deliver reliable performance and minimal pressure loss. 


Master Flo choke valves are renowned for their precision, reliability, and exceptional performance in regulating flow rates and controlling pressure in oil and gas production. With customizable options like adjustable chokes, positive chokes, and fixed choke beans, these valves ensure precise flow control in diverse operating conditions. With powerful construction design and innovative features, Master Flo choke valves offer durability and resistance to erosive and corrosive environments. They are the trusted solution for maximizing production efficiency while adhering to strict quality and safety standards in wellhead, production, and downstream applications.


Dycor specializes in data acquisition, data logging, and process control solutions. Their advanced technologies enable industries to collect, analyze, and utilize critical data for enhanced operational efficiency. Dycor’s systems seamlessly capture data from sensors, ensuring real-time accuracy. With their data logging capabilities, vast amounts of data can be stored and efficiently retrieved for analysis. Dycor’s process control solutions enable precise optimization of industrial processes, ensuring reliable performance. From oil and gas to manufacturing, Dycor empowers businesses to leverage data for improved productivity and operational excellence.

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