Strong support for cancer fundraisers

Edmonton food trucks and Red Deer BBQ raise $5,200 with corporate matching

Some dour weather didn’t deter our Edmonton employees from stepping up to the food trucks last month.

The good food fundraiser, in support of our Targeting an End to Cancer campaign, raised a total of $2,800 with the Stream-Flo Group matching factored in.

Featuring Honey’s BBQ, Flipside BBQ, and Big Wayne’s Mini Treats, the event faced inclement weather but attendees, organizers, vendors, and most importantly, the Alberta Cancer Foundation for whom our campaign is in support of, were all left with radiant smiles when all was said and done.

To everyone who helped make the event such a success, a heartfelt thanks!

Hot diggity Red Deer dog

Not to be outdone, our Red Deer branch a couple weeks later received overwhelming community support which resulted in their hot dog BBQ fundraiser being a resounding success.

When all the ketchup and mustard were squeezed, a total of $2,400 with the corporate matching included was raised by our Red Deer team.

Partners and neighbours come through

Combined, both events boosted our progress toward our overall goal by an impressive $5,200.

“I was blown away by the effort and support both fundraisers received,” said Stream-Flo HSE, Training, and Property Management Vice President Grant Pilgrim, who also serves as our Targeting an End to Cancer executive sponsor.

“A huge shout-out to both locations for embracing the chance to raise more money for this important initiative, especially Red Deer and all their work getting the wider community to show up,” continued Pilgrim. “It’s awesome to see the support our employees have given to this campaign since it first started. It means a lot to me and anyone else who has ever been affected by this terrible disease.”

With each event requiring significant planning and groundwork to be successful, we must once more sincerely thank those who have stepped up to become champions of the cause.

It’s because of you all this was possible!

We must also acknowledge the strong support from our neighbours and business partners in Edmonton and Red Deer who showed in force at both fundraisers, with some sending their entire staff to attend the food trucks or BBQ.  

A truly heartwarming and generous outpouring of support on both occasions. 

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