Indiana, PA branch achieves 5 years recordable-free!

For more than 1,825 days, our Indiana, PA branch has gone without a recordable incident.

The major safety milestone was marked a couple weeks ago, and according to Area Superintendent Brandon Dunlap, a big reason why his branch has been able to accomplish the feat is due to the safety mindset and second family atmosphere our Indiana team has in place.

“It’s everybody putting forth the effort and making it an important part of what we do,” said Dunlap over Teams when asked what he attributes being recordable-free for so long to. “We’re a close-knit group and everybody looks out for each other and holds each other accountable and keeps each other safe.”

Indiana, PA employees pose for a group photo after surpassing the five year recordable-free milestone. 

New facility has helped

Dunlap, who has been with Stream-Flo for more than 12 years, has witnessed many changes to our Pennsylvania operations over the past decade.

One of the biggest has been the growth of the team, and as it grew, the hiring of people with a safety mindset and bringing them on with that as a priority from the get-go.

Another big change has been the new facility they moved to a few years ago.

“It helps immensely,” said Dunlap about the building. “At the old facility we were spending hours a day moving equipment out to then move it back in at the end of the day just so we had room to work, so the new facility has situated us in a much safer position.”

While he’s quick to shy away from taking any credit himself, Stream-Flo USA General Manager Sean Wilcock says Dunlap has also been key to the Indiana group achieving the milestone.

“The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. It is paramount for the culture to embrace a behavior that adopts all the necessary precautions in order to create a constant safe environment,” said Wilcock in a message congratulating the branch. “The leadership offered by Brandon as the Area Superintendent is second to none in walking the talk with his team and leading by example.”

Expanding further, Stream-Flo Vice President HSE, Technical Training & Property Management Grant Pilgrim had this to say following the achievement.

“The health and safety of our employees is one of our core values and corporate guiding principles. Brandon and his team exemplify this commitment and it is demonstrated on a daily basis in all work activities within the facility, on location, and while operating company vehicles,” said Pilgrim.

“Brandon and his team have created a proactive safety culture that ensures everyone gets home every day to their families safe and healthy. A significant milestone such as this is not achievable without strong leadership and strong commitment from the entire Indiana team.”

Congratulations Stream-Flo Indiana!

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