2023 Edmonton Corporate Challenge kicks off with CEO challenge at RE/MAX Field

The 2023 Edmonton Corporate Challenge is officially underway thanks to some help from CEOs and senior managers across the city, including our very own Stream-Flo Group of Companies President and CEO Mark McNeill and CFO Dave Randhawa.

At RE/MAX Field the pair participated in some good ol’ Klondike-themed competition.

The following recap has been helpfully supplied by Master Flo Project Coordinator Hazel Senko, who along with Master Flo Administrative Assistant Alanna Burwash, were there to report on all the action and cheer on our two fearless gold rush point prospectors.  

Challenge 1: Pan for Gold

“Mark was an absolute pro and scored us 495 points with his panning skills.”

Like a good CFO Dave makes sure Mark doesn't leave any gold on the table.
Dave takes one last look at the chip he's about to lose thanks to lady un-luck.

Challenge 2: Rolling Roulette

“Dave had to take a spin at the roulette table. Unfortunately, the ball spin was not in our favour.”

Challenge 3: Spot the Outlaws

“Both Mark and Dave teamed up to find some gold-thieving outlaws. With only one minute to be on the lookout, they found many of them hiding in the stands of the RE/MAX Field.”

No good for nothin' gold-thievin' outlaws are escapin' the eagle-eyes and accurate account keepin' of our guys.
The sticks of lost dreams litter the field around the barrels that would have brought corporate challenge glory.

Challenge 4: Fire in the Hole

“Dave had the daunting task of tossing sticks of (pretend) TNT into buckets before they blew up. The wind was not in our favour but we gained points for our Stream-Flo Group of Companies team!”

While the wind or roulette wheel may not have been in our favour, there is no doubt a blast was had and a good showing for the Stream-Flo Group was achieved!

If you happen to see Dave in the parking lot out back practicing his pretend TNT throwing skills for next year, now you’ll at least know why. You’ve got this Dave, we believe in you. Darn pesky wind. 

WHY WIND?! WHY?!?!?!?
Mark McNeill, Dave Randhawa, Alanna Burwash, and Hazel Senko.

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